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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 ways to be happy

1. Enjoy the quest of Looking what you like to do!

When we do activities that we like and satisfy us we increase our happiness state. If we work in what we like the most happiness will be always present.
2. Get Active!

Keep yourself active, being inactive keep our minds idle and produce isolation in many cases. Look for exciting activities, sports or other things that require creativity like playing an instrument or some kind of dance is an excellent happiness booster.
3. Be Social

Look to have social contact, keep in touch with your familiar group and friends. It is always more gratifying to be in a social environment than lonely.
4. Enjoy Nature!

Keep contact with nature and animals. Nature charge our energetic batteries, do a long walk in the woods and you will feel renewed.
5. Be Optimistic!

Develop an optimistic way of thinking. That way you can keep focused on your goals.
6. Get some Laughs!

Develop your sense of humor, take situations with some humor and lightly that way you will always feel happy.
7. Be the real

Be yourself, letting other people know you exactly as who you are will make you feel free and will make you happy.
8. Feed the love!

Feed your social relations. Love is first priority, showing some love to others is very gratifying. If you give love you will be loved, so if you want to feel love from others then give love back first.
9. Enjoy Life!

Value every single thing that you experience. If we are grateful for what we receive and we give something back our well being will increase to points in which you will attract all the good things you wish for yourself.
10. Don’t Worry Be Happy!

Forget about those things that worry you. Do not dedicate time or energy to things that have not yet occurred or things that might never occur.
Feel the freedom of being happyĆ¢€¦