Saturday, May 19, 2012

from the very first semester and first year i was here, i saw this one old man. my 10th steps equal to his very first step. there was always one part in me wanted to help but since he was walking back from uni he must be strong enough to walk home didn't he. time passes by and now i'm in my third year.

Last week, i saw him again. with the same tempo he struggled to walk. i watched him from top as i was in lab on level 5. it gets me thinking, how it feels to think you can do it but you are not able to do that anymore.

i just wished someone will be there for me when the time come and i want to be there for my parents and future parents in law.hihi for my aunts and uncles and for you too.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

One of thousands things that can annoy me to the max is this situation :

A : Hi
Me : Hi, lama tak nampak.
A : Kau la tak pernah nak tegur aku.

I was like, HELLOOOOOOOO, am i the guilty one here, phone doesn't work one way, it works both way, making an effort to be a friend was me before but no longer me, I choose friends who deserve my effortly effort. haha.

B : Sombong sekarang.

This is such a shit starting. I know B might try to be friendly but hellooooooo, again. And you are who?

Why is everybody, why did you? and why did i think, people are arrogant if they didn't say hi first, and why didn't u make an effort to type Hi?

There's a lots of why. Inkuiri yang tinggi aku rasa.

And till now, i still can't accept when people said i need to know latest issues, i had enough with gossips and studies, why should i burden my brain. I've been too hard on it lately, sorry brain. 2 months to go.

Friday, May 04, 2012

I have been living here since Feb 2010. There are ups and downs. First incident ever that brought me down was when laptop stop functioning the way it supposes to. The only connection with the reality was that. Berjaya mengharungi dengan saksama. After drama persendirian. Then every semester, there will be a subject or two or three yang akan buat down. happened all the time.

This las few weeks have been tough for me. Down je sentiasa. Lab has been rough to me. Two chem lab and one physics lab. with 4 hours each. Every week. At the end of the day, comes hurricane destroying the balance emotion i had before.

I need to see something but i don't even know what to see. 

2 more semesters to go.