Sunday, May 06, 2012

One of thousands things that can annoy me to the max is this situation :

A : Hi
Me : Hi, lama tak nampak.
A : Kau la tak pernah nak tegur aku.

I was like, HELLOOOOOOOO, am i the guilty one here, phone doesn't work one way, it works both way, making an effort to be a friend was me before but no longer me, I choose friends who deserve my effortly effort. haha.

B : Sombong sekarang.

This is such a shit starting. I know B might try to be friendly but hellooooooo, again. And you are who?

Why is everybody, why did you? and why did i think, people are arrogant if they didn't say hi first, and why didn't u make an effort to type Hi?

There's a lots of why. Inkuiri yang tinggi aku rasa.

And till now, i still can't accept when people said i need to know latest issues, i had enough with gossips and studies, why should i burden my brain. I've been too hard on it lately, sorry brain. 2 months to go.