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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ibu Kau Ratu Hati

-Mada Felix Raja- Ibu Kau Ratu Hatiku.

I had a conversation a while ago. Ali was saying macam mane lah boyfriend kau boleh tahan dengan kau. then. tetbe terfikir. aah en. camne eh. lepas tu terfikir secara mendalam. macam mane lah mummy boleh tahan dengan perangai aku ni. kalau cam pakwe tu. baru lagi ni hah die kenal. lepas tu terpaksa ikot angin aku.kalau tak merajuk.haha

adik2 aku dlu ade satu angin.kalau keluar.terutama bulan puasa. dapat brang dorg.terus. bad mood. macam mane lah mummy abah boleh tahan kan.kalau aku.humban je karang.senang hati.haha

dear mummy abah, i may not call home as frequent as others child, not saying sorry when i was obviously my fault, annoyed you most of the times, merengek, meleseh. name it. I am a master in annoying people. but as far as i'm concern. i'm trying my best behind your back to be a good daughter, a good sister, and a good friend to you guys.
Thank you for supporting me all this while. being there for me, forgiving all the mistakes done. I Love You guys till death do us apart.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Futsal tournament. Menjadi salah seorang ahli komiti(committee members) buat aku kenal perangai orang. aku buat kerja agak bersungguh sebab fikir project manager tu rakan sendiri. karang kalau tak buat kerja jadi awkward plak bile bertemu di meja makan.

but everything turned out well. indeed it was a great event. started on time and ended on time.

a night before macam kelam kabut jugak lah. oh. aku tengok movie malam tu. so aku tido jam 5 pagi macam tu kot. pukul 7 lebih sikit dah kne bangon sebab nak g uni . jage pendaftaran yang patotnye pukul 9. then.

aku yang seumo hidup tak pernah main futsal. macam masuk jugak tournament tu kerana nak membanyakkan team perempuan. first time sepak bola futsal two weeks before the game. then a week before tu practice. kne marah ngn coach la. manager lah. hambek kau. team yang baru wujud dgn freshiee ni pun ade coach bagai.

aku dah janji nak hantar aiman pergi airport. mmg dup dap jantung aku. sebab 1230 aku stuck on traffic nak g rumah die lagi. tp. nasib baik sempat. 30 mnt kingsford-airport-uni.

though dapat no 3 dari 3 team. haha tapi. kalah bermaruah. team yang menang pun sipi2 je. aku rasa kalau aku tak bergadoh ngn dumbell ngn raja dari dalam court mesti kitorang mcm boleh menang sikit en :p

tapi takpe. first try. jangan risau. next year aku buat team yang same kuat ngn team hall lelaki. :D
Easter show ahad. 24th April 2011.
Rase oversea gile. serius :D

Monday, May 02, 2011

there are junctions and also dead ends. it depends on which road you are taken. one that not taken before. or normal road that normal people choose. and for me. I chose to spend my easter break with these people to have that much of fun. though what we did was nothing compared to others.

And we spent most of the times in the van guessing the songs tittle. bullying the co-driver, stopping every stops along the way as there must be someone who wanted to pee.drifting to sand dunes. though the people there said we might not manage to get there before 4.30 but we did only by 10++ minutes. see the driverlah kaaan. getting wet and covered by sand all over the body. was smacked down hardly by Ali after only the second time. it hurt for 5 seconds then I was fine. eating at the newcastle uni car parking. thank god sambal ayam was not bad as usual. :D

then. lost in the middle of nowhere. thanks ummil. thanks. hahahhahaha. guilty enough?. it was dark. indeed. felt like we were in a movie. start with bunch of people. and one by one disappear. killed by person who came out of nowhere. cuak tak cuak. at first. we remained calm. acted as cool as possible. I don't really bother on where we were that night. no matter where we would sleep. I have decided to stay indoor. I'm soo done with camping and those other adventure activities.Up to one point. someone got scared. and asked us to turn back. and bla2. we went to lake macquire. and slept by the side of lake. The most convenient place found that night.

Kayaking. hiking or better said as ape nth tu. jalan2 dalam hutan. bila dah start dalam bm. hilang terus bi aku. tengok air terjun. pusing balik. then unggun api. kemas-kemas. balik.

stop by blacksmith beach. star gazing for 10 minutes or less. mcd. then finally. home sweet home :D

for the first time. aku rajin buat chronology perjalanan hidup.