Monday, June 11, 2012

being stress with the overload readings, freaking out about the exams, i have all the final exams syndromes, from A to Z.

with the biophysics that kills me with all sorts of equation yg baca tapi tak faham serta rasa tak guna pun nak baca sebab macam tak applicable. with him busy studying .friday, please come faster so i wont feel guilty for being emo .

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Finally, i submitted my 8th reports for this semester and just left with the finals, taking most of the science subjects listed does make life more horrible than it used to be.

surprise jugak bila sem ni sedih bila class math habis. lol me. it feels so good when u really being in the class, literally i was in the class all the time but not fully there. seronok pulak belabor math. rasa nak drop semua subject ambik math je.hikhiks.

i have 5 papers and two papers on the same day. hopefully i won't screw any of it. being in third year ni penuh debaran sangat, nak test pun berdebar. semua berdebar. lemah jaunting :D

so basically, i have 20 days till done with all the exams and holiday and 25 more days till i meet you. tak rindu pun. tapi seja gedik. haha

i was searching for motivational quotes so nampak macam supportive sikit bila dia nak exam and in the same time to motivate diri sendiri tapi menajdi diri sendiri, lima saat baca semangat then terus tertidur.

a good friend of mine is getting married, like soon, real soon. knowing her all these while kind of surprise tapi a good surprise and being among the first person to know, make me realize, distances and gender don't really matter in friendship :D

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

i did the presentation yesterday, mine was the most unprofessional and flowery slides in the room. but i did it. it didn't go very well but felt so relieved, i'm done with the lovely senior experimental physics .
i did on optical pumping and i thought i will be good as there was only one tutor who really knows well about the experiment and yeah. i was 100% right as less questions was asked. i didn't pause too long and by the fact there was a girl before me who paused about 3 minutes and in the end she broke down , i feel good, my bad :) . There was a guy who did on the same topic as i do, and poor him for being asked the questions coming from the things that i pointed out before. i was expecting that question but i didn't prepare the answer as i was planning to use my charm instead of answering. haha. being among the first speaker sometimes gives you the more advantages than you know :D

Monday, June 04, 2012

i have presentation at 2 and yet now i'm busy reading other's blog.
it freaks me out that i feel that i'm well prepared and not being nervous is bad. isn't it? through out uni life i only did 3 presentations and all three were not individual. 2 of them are for physics lab report presentation. i need luck for this i guess :)

i was eating maggie this morning for breakfast and lunch and suddenly it have my childhood smell. weird kan. the thought of missing the childhood passes through the mind and it came across my mind that how much i miss the time when we, the family members stayed under one roof all the time not that we are not these days, we still call it home till now but it is different from then. ok back to the point, the parents should be missing the moment more than we the children do. kannn? supposedly lah. though with the chaos and messiness, we still under one roof.

and now, as time passes by. the house that i grew up in has been sold, but the bad me, i often forget the memories in them, ok now dah recall some of them.

maybe thats why i'm not ready to let anybody in the family to take a step ahead in life, being engaged or married i mean. i'm not ready for it. i just want to have 7 family members for now. :)