Saturday, June 09, 2012

Finally, i submitted my 8th reports for this semester and just left with the finals, taking most of the science subjects listed does make life more horrible than it used to be.

surprise jugak bila sem ni sedih bila class math habis. lol me. it feels so good when u really being in the class, literally i was in the class all the time but not fully there. seronok pulak belabor math. rasa nak drop semua subject ambik math je.hikhiks.

i have 5 papers and two papers on the same day. hopefully i won't screw any of it. being in third year ni penuh debaran sangat, nak test pun berdebar. semua berdebar. lemah jaunting :D

so basically, i have 20 days till done with all the exams and holiday and 25 more days till i meet you. tak rindu pun. tapi seja gedik. haha

i was searching for motivational quotes so nampak macam supportive sikit bila dia nak exam and in the same time to motivate diri sendiri tapi menajdi diri sendiri, lima saat baca semangat then terus tertidur.

a good friend of mine is getting married, like soon, real soon. knowing her all these while kind of surprise tapi a good surprise and being among the first person to know, make me realize, distances and gender don't really matter in friendship :D