Monday, June 04, 2012

i was eating maggie this morning for breakfast and lunch and suddenly it have my childhood smell. weird kan. the thought of missing the childhood passes through the mind and it came across my mind that how much i miss the time when we, the family members stayed under one roof all the time not that we are not these days, we still call it home till now but it is different from then. ok back to the point, the parents should be missing the moment more than we the children do. kannn? supposedly lah. though with the chaos and messiness, we still under one roof.

and now, as time passes by. the house that i grew up in has been sold, but the bad me, i often forget the memories in them, ok now dah recall some of them.

maybe thats why i'm not ready to let anybody in the family to take a step ahead in life, being engaged or married i mean. i'm not ready for it. i just want to have 7 family members for now. :)