Wednesday, December 03, 2008


selasa.week 5.sem 2..
oleh kerana arini clas abis awl.n people said that twilight is extra decided to watch bese..loyal accompany.hanan..sumpa cte tu bes..

bella have to move in with her father. starting a new life. there she met a strange guy named edward..totally gorgeous..pale face..tall.white.handsome..isn't it perfect..haha..they fall in love..thngs got complictd as edward was a vampire..but cinta itu buta..hoho..then one day.bella went to play pe nth with edward's family.which all of them were a vampire..then demond passed by.. saw bella n attractd to her..he hunted for her..the best was edward willing to sacrfice evrythng for her..haha..

wlupon itu crite dengan ini sarankan anda semua menonton..

characteristic of vampire
never ever sleep
perfect ;p

tp en for the last part..can't really enjoy it..nk g syg r tgk tak hbs..thn je r..haha

p/s: selamat ari jadi abg.