Wednesday, March 04, 2009


sem 3. nothng really chnge.
sme clas.sme position n again surrounded by the same people. but still in love them .ehem2..huhu.
tp byk bnde yg ak hrp nk ubah.

*my own prediction to the others.
*attitude towards people n myself.

sglenye akn tgl impian..but.sooner or later.pple will chge..

bck to the situation here..

bru sy sedar akn kepayahan memahamkn org lain..n i'm not really good at it..for others benefit.i'll try my damn shit best..haha

with the unreveal rslt..hoping for the best..klu takle dpt 4 flat..dpt sdare mare tu pon takpe r en.haha.
3.0 flat ke..or even better.make it as apartment.haha..

losing the spirit of studying..wonder where has the spirit went off..ngn ayt yg tunggang langgang..proud of myself..huh..hahaha..

about the previous ielts..did my best.waiting for the rslt..tak mau tak lulus.......
sush juga..bhse agk len klu nk compare ngn bm..hahahaha..speaking ?>>urm..siyes tak tau nk coment pe..speachless.haha.

5/5~ happy birthday jo.

for those people that i hurt..sory..although i did meant them sometimes.. maaf>~
i want people to treat me sy pon tk treat dorg bgos..urm..,,,