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Friday, April 16, 2010


there is a time when i just sit around and think why is it some friendship mean so much to me. neglect the friend's gender. their hometown. the course they are taking now. the uni they are in. or even the way they dressed up. its like a part time job to be there for them when they need u the most or not. sometimes yeah peeps. i interfere too much in others life. its just the best way to catch up with latest gossips. come on. sure u guys did that too right. hahaha
i get offended easily when it comes to friendship. sumpa tak tahu knpa. hahaha. remember there was a time. long long time ago when my heart was scratched by the simplest thing eva. trust me it was the stupidest thing to be emosional for. but me being me as me being abnormal means being myself thought it was a must to feel offended. hahaha
though i screwed as a friend sometimes. sometimes which means always ;) it doesnt mean i dont care. i care but in my own way which more likely mind functions more than actions. hahahaha
u have no idea what kind of friend am i =)