Friday, May 21, 2010

survey yg panjang amat2

Where is your boyfriend?
atas katil.dibuat mimpi =p (1147pm)

Name something you did yesterday?
bwk buku fizik yg berat g library sbb nk renew pnjm tp senanye le buat on9.berketul muscle tumbuh.

Last person you text messaged?
nani : tak g.ak kt fisher.

What color is your hair?

What was the last thing you cried over?
sy menangiskah? =p ini rahsia peribadi yang sangat BESAR.huhu

What is something you really want right now, be honest?
org mandikan saya.:D

Is there anyone on your mind that shouldn't be?
is there? 4 things that i can think for now : makan.mandi.tido.belajar.haha

Do you have a little sister? anak bongsu perempuan. <3

Do you like to listen to the radio when you are in the car?
sure do.

What are you listening to?
lagu jiwang sbb sy jiwang :D

Do you sleep with a fan on?
nope :d not fat enough to feel the hotness :D

Do you get good morning texts from anyone?
kadang kala.ble encik tu kredit banyak serta teringt kt sy.haha

Where is your cell phone?
sebelah kanan.charging

will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?
planning to.BAJET.haha

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?

Did you speak to your dad today?
nope.spoke to him yesterday.:D

Will tomorrow be better than today?

Do you want to see somebody right now?
extremely YES

Your current relationship status?
untuk sekarang anda crk sndri k :D

Do you like it when you get kissed on the forehead?
seronok.rse sayang tu cm masuk dalam hati.ceh.hahaha

Are you waiting for something?
menunggu bile la nk rajen gerakkn badan tok mandi. :p

Do you think the last person you kissed cares for you?
i cant remember the last kiss from whom.haha

Do you text message a lot?
sangat2 la tidak.

When is the next time you'll kiss someone?
bg ak kiss bantal yg indah ni dlu k :D

What was the last thing you drank?
coke :D sy pon tatau knpe sy ske coke.mungkin kerana warna.haha

What would your name be with the first three letters?
nin :D

Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
kalau da jodoh.tak kemane :D

Did you have a good day?
it was.:D

If you could move right now would you?
saya nk pindah rumah yg fully furnished tp murah serta dekat dengan kelas :D

Are you happy with the way things are going right now? nk dtg sni jalan2 tp elaun jalan bole ^_^

Do you like being in pictures?
ikot thap keseganan sy.kadang2 saya pemalu :D

Where will you be in an hour?

Is your heart broken right now?

Do you believe in love?

Do you think relationships are even worth it?
its worth for the happiness. we need to feel the pain to live in real life arent we?

Have you ever done anything outrageously dumb?
sebanyak helaian rambut saya :D

Have you ever kissed anyone and never saw them again?
i kissed to many people.huhu

Are you someone who worries too often?
depends ngn keswingan mood

Have you ever been back-stabbed by a friend?
for this meantime,tak sempat la nk refresh blk kngn lme nk korek2 bnde lme ni.haha

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
sy hanya mampu ngis dpn skype je.hahaha

Spring or summer?
spring yg dkt2 summer. :D

Are you wearing make-up right now?
make up made of oil. =p

Confused about anything?
confused knpe la lecture notes kne banyak tak ingt dunia sgt.

Do you prefer to call or text someone?
telefon bole.texting gne byk tenage la. :D

Do you have a secret that you aren't telling anyone?
sikit je.sbb banyaknye yg TER cerita.haha

Baju warna apa yang sedang anda pakai?
merah-HOTTTS :P

Last text message? With whom?
ngn nani.sal die nk kunci rumah. :D

Last phone call? With whom?
bella.malam tadi

Last website?
facebook.bce post merapu fared. :D

10 orang sahabat terbaik anda :

1. hanan
2. kyn
3. bob
4. ost
5. beto
6. zul
7. hanna
8. anda
9. awk
10.firdaus :D

Pilih seorang dari sepuluh yang di atas. Siapakah orangnye?
firdaus ;)

Kenangan pahit yang pernah anda alami bersama rakan anda.
we fell of the stairs together AND fortunately we made up to the top :)

Rakan karib anda bermula dari huruf ape?
apabila anda mulot becok mcm sy.anda ad byk kawan baik.haha

5 perkara yang anda suke tentang rakan karib anda :

1. kutuk aku tak ingt dunia
2. sush senang bersama.ceh.haha
3. mereka makan banyak
4. ;)
5. mereka semua suke puji ak dgn nada perli. :D

5 perkara yang anda tak boleh lupa tentang kawan karib anda?

1. makan kt dm sesme
2. lepak kt bangi buka puase.
3. tido ramai2
4. saat muke khusyuk je denga ak bebel2.haha
5. kasih sayang yg terpaut antara kite.hahahahhahaha

5 Perkara yang anda menyampah dengan rakan karib anda?

aku suke semua pasal korg.hahahaha

Bila kali pertama jumpa rakan karib anda?
mostttt of them kt SEPINTAR.haha.8 feb 2006.

Adakah anda sayang rakan karib anda?
bg sy lemak pon sy masih syg anda :D

Pernah hug and kiss kawan karib anda?
last time KLIA

Pernah tersepak kawan karib anda?
lebih dri tu pon da selalu

Pernah mengumpat kawan karib anda?
............................... :))

Kali terakhir anda ketawa dengan kawan karib anda?
10 feb 2010

Kali terakhir anda marah dengan rakan karib anda?
samue da berlalu di bawa air laut lol

Anda mahu rakan karib anda jadi apa untuk anda?
jadi kawan sy pon da ckop .cute en.huhu

Pesanan anda untuk rakan karib anda:
marila berkawan baik .huhu
5 barang yang korang sayang nk buang.

1. duit.
2. harta karun sy
3. kastu converse kt msia
4. keluarga
5. org melayu :D

3 benda yang diimpikan dan harap akan menjadi kenyataan satu hari nanti.

1. sneakers baru
2. katil yg empuk
3. spring

Based on those questions.. Why??
sebab sy nk la.jgn tnye bole? :p

1. Besides your lips , where is the favorite spot to get KISSED?
hati sy.hahahah

2. How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING?
NGANTOK kte PERGI dgn hati yg terbuka =p

3. Who was the last person you took a photo WITH?

4. Would you consider yourself SPOILED?

5. Will you ever donate BLOOD?
hahahahhahahhahahahhaha.pengalaman sy derma darah dlu tidak begitu mengasyikkn.huhu

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX?
sy kn sosial.haha

7. Do you want someone to be DEAD?
masing2 ade hidup masing2 life your life.i lofe mine. :D

8. What does your last text message SAY?

9. What are you thinking about right NOW?
prot lapa.nk mndi.nk blja.haha

10. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW?

11. What was the time you went to bed last NIGHT?
pakcik.kte tido kul bpe smmlm?haha

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing NOW?
ses. east garden :D

13. Is someone on your mind right NOW?
NEXTTTT.same ques as before la

Four names that friends call you.
a) nina
b) na
c) bihun
d) farina

Four most important dates in your life.
a) 21st jun 2010
b) 14th feb 2010
c) 20 may 1986
d) 15th oct 1990

Four things you have done in the last thirty minutes.
a) survey ni la.lme beno nk hbs.
b) fb
c) twitter
d) memandang sayu prot yg bunyi2.haha

Four ways to be happy.
a) shopping
b) makan
c) masak serta menjadi :p
d) tgk moviee banyak2.

Four people you miss from your past.

Four gifts you would like to receive.
a) trench coat yg mengoda
b) tiket g nz winter ni.*bole eh.eh2*
c) sneakers tuuu
d) surat cinta bole?haha

Four of your favorite hobbies.
a) skype
b) duduk kt library*nerddd*
c) makan bnde sedap
d) mandi

Four places or country you want to visit.
a) NZ
b) new york
c) indon
d) pulau2 indah kt msia

Four favorite drinks.
a) hot choc
b) coke
c) juice
d) milo ais b buat :D

Four things always found in your bag.
a) buku
b) buku
c) buku
d) buku.hahah

Four favorite colors.
a) merah
b) hitam
c) purple
d) silver

Top four hangouts.
a) cafe uni
b) sci tech
c) fisher library
d) darling habour
gile ilmiah ak.haha

Top four you love so much.
a) Family.
b) diri ini
c) rakan
d) anda

Top four 'things' that are special to you.
a) diri sendri
b) kad tu
c) jam
d) jiwa raga