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Sunday, August 29, 2010


" fikir sal math pon nk cover" god, i still remember the moment, the first impression after so long no face to face scene. time flies like a powerful flies. fast and undetected. as predicted. ;) it was long time ago. reminiscing those make me feel like i am sixteen again. 16. SIXTEEN. itu dulu kan. zaman sekolah yang datang sekali. '',

that is why i value the friendship with people back there. so that i can feel it again. feeling of being young. innocent. as for me. my rebel phase isn't high school life, it was after that, till now. the transaction phase from a teenager to a WOMAN. being a woman in future somehow freak me out. it is true what they said, the hardest part of life is finding who you really are.

life is terrifying enough to mess with it.

what value you more is being you.

have you ever came across this situation before. you bumped into someone. you know him/her for sure, but you are just afraid to greet him/her as she/he may not know you too. does it ring a bell?

if you ever bump into me somehow. 5 years from now. 20 years for now. anytime. just greet me. as i want to do it as much as you do, i just not have the guts. aku pengecut sket. buat bodoh pandai. buat pandai tu yang tak pandai :)

i miss home. i miss people back there. ini bukan homesick. cume rindu masa itu. :D